Mom Blessings

Thinking out loud: These last few days I find myself smiling at the goodness of God. Along time ago when I begin in ministry I wanted to have the thirst and knowledge of God as my mom did. My mom the late Judith Yvonne McQuay was a woman of God who prayed, worshiped and studied the word of God day in and day out. Prayer, Praise and the Word of God was her weapon of warfare but also her zeal for learning the mysteries of God. Often times when I was being a teen I would come through the house and see my mom, either praying on her knees, singing while cooking chicken 🤣 because that’s all we ate chicken a million different ways 🤣 or she would be doing an in-depth study of the word with her Bible and notebooks. Hmm life is funny I said I wasn’t going back to school after Grad school and I do mean that from the depth of my soul! 🤣 However now my inquisitive, curiosity to go deeper in the knowledge of God – my mom’s spirit is on me and it’s sweet to be able to experience her in this way. I feel her mantle of praying, praising and learning the more of God on me. It’s more than surface God is so amazing but we can only know if we seek Him. ♥️🙏🏾🙌🏾

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