Inner City Kids

You would be surprised at how many seniors in inner city communities are not going to college, or trade school just because they do not know how to complete the college application process or even call a school to obtain information. Basic life skills are not even present due to a lack of parent participation and school interventions, teachings etc. Basic life skills are lacking and some schools don’t care as long as they can throw the football, shoot the shot, win the track meet, hit the volley ball. In 2022 we have students telling us to our face I don’t have to go to class but I’m still going to my game tonight. Going to the game but not even able to obtain an academic scholarship because the failing classes. Most children were already behind before the pandemic and lost another 2 years during the pandemic because of inadequate internet to do their online classes. Teachers exhausted just passing kids because they don’t want them to be back in their class next year. Instagram and snap chat and all the other hip social media apps make it seem like life is all about sex, money, relationships, cars, drugs, and selling your soul just to be validated. Bullying is at an all time high where kids come to fight instead of learn.
Since I was a kid I always stated I wanted to be a Social Worker and give back to kids in the inner city communities. Today this is still my dream but the plight at hand is far more complex then I invisioned.
However, I’m never one to give up, take a break yes but when I truly believe in something or someone I will keep trying to improvement is made. I said all this to say take a look at your inner city community, every year high school seniors are graduating but where are they going next? Has anyone helped them fill out the FAFSA form? Taught them how to research schools in their field of interest. We are in a back to the basics world where we need boots on the ground so our generation Z in inner city communities have a fighting chance to succeed.
I never had the mentality to just worry about myself because I did not grow up that way. I had mentors that took myself and other inner city kids on college tours and ran programs that helped shift our mindsets to think better and be better. I was one of the knuckle heads but I made it out.♥️ Much love to the late Mr. Richard Fuller Sr. and The George Washington Carver located in Norwalk, CT. Fuller as we affectionately called him never gave up on us even if he had to yoke us ok me up in the hallways. 🥴
I refuse to believe that no matter how hard it is nowadays we just give up on kids. The system has to change and it starts with the front liners. As a Social Worker we abide by a code of ethics. We fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. I’ve have been trained a lot behind the scenes but I know now it’s for a time such as this.……….

I digress for now.

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