Be You

Something I use to ask and tell my daughter all the time when she was frustrated about various experiences “Did you do your best?” Sometimes she would say yes and other times I would have to help her examine where she could have pushed a little more. Then I would say “ As long as you did your best, do not beat yourself up because of what others think about you.”

I’m finding as an adult we have to encourage our own selves with some of the encouragement we would tell our children. I’ve also learned that you can’t make everyone happy and we should not let someone’s else’s view of you keep you from being happy.

I have also experienced in the worst ways where my zeal for life caused some people to take offense. In my head I would say, “If they only knew what I have experienced or am going through, they wouldn’t even try to stop me from being happy.”

Which leads me to want to encourage you to try not to let anyone stop you from being the best person you are. Some people haven’t explored who they are and what they have to offer that is wonderful to the world (Their superpower). They are just not your people and you will one day find your people even if you have to create the environment that makes others feel and embrace their own superpower.

In the end sometimes we must take our own advice. As long as we did our best, then that is all that matters.

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