Hear My Heart Lord

Thoughts from the heart..

Here’s my heart Lord. I surrender it to you, my king, creator of me and all people, places and things.

So many times I’ve placed my heart in the hands of others to only have it manipulated, abused, and pierced with false love and acceptance.
Today, I surrender my heart to you, to show me what true untainted love feels like, for you to lead it into the places you want me to go.
Today I rest knowing my heart is in good hands because you are the the lover of my soul, you are my joy and peace.
Forgive me for every time I looked elsewhere for what only you can provide.

So here’s my heart Lord use it for your glory. ♥️


Published by SPEAK TASH

♥️ I WAS CREATED TO BE HEARD ♥️ Encourager💎Mind Shifter💎 Change Agent

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