Words Hurt and Kill

Let’s talk Trauma Recovery: Topic Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse definition

When someone repeatedly uses words to demean, frighten, or control someone, it’s considered verbal abuse.

You are not anyone’s verbal punching bag or physical punching bag. Right now I want to talk about verbal abuse. Anyone it doesn’t matter who it is that speaks to you in a way to hurt you, put you down, control you, humiliate you to gain control of you is being verbally abusive.

You have a right no matter WHO it is to not allow that person in your life. Those who have experienced verbal abuse, if they do not receive help for their own trauma experience they will repeat the pain they went through by being abusive to others. Be aware of how you feel when you around certain people. You have a right say no this is not working for me and I am putting a boundary for my peace and mental stability.
If the person does not want to get help especially after you have made them aware of how they treat you, then pray for them at a distance and set yourself free.

No one has a right to hurt you in any form of abuse.

For more information on types of abuse go to Psychologytoday.com

*special note to Trauma survivors. We have to be careful not to become abusers ourselves. We have to be careful not to put expectations on people especially those who are good for us by trying to control them. I know it’s easier to do to keep what feels good around but remember people have a right to be free, if they chose to be in your life it’s because they want to not because they have to. Embrace healthy relationships without controlling them.

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